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Review of "The Nabesada Affair"

The Nabesada Affair - Yomi Akinode

Author Hoagy Pretchet had just moved to San Diego with the hope that the new change of scenery would allow him to move beyond the traumas of his past. He was alone, friendless, and living with the gloom of his mind - and he preferred it that way. The last thing reclusive Hoagy Pretchet expected was to find himself in the midst of a criminal investigation regarding the death of his captivating neighbor, Catherine Nabesada.


The plot thickens when Hoagy learns that the three police officers who questioned him about Catherine’s death are not, in fact, policemen, and that Catherine Nabesada is not actually dead. So begins the mystery of The Nabesada Affair.  Uncharacteristic of his isolated behavior, Hoagy plunges himself into The Nabesada Affair, determined to solve the riveting mystery. While following clues, Hoagy’s courage and cunning are tested as he encounters dangers that threaten his life. All the while, Hoagy is working relentlessly to finish his third and latest novel, a captivating thriller about a serial killer.


Author Yomi Akinode has created an enthralling mystery that will have readers on their toes, eagerly waiting to learn the truth behind The Nabesada Affair.

Source: http://www.nabesadaaffair.com