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Review of "Here By Mistake: The Secret of the Niche"

Here by Mistake: The Secret of the Niche - David Ciferri

Friends Brandon, Sarah, and Stephen have just started summer vacation and are ready for an adventure. Brandon has always wanted to explore the basement of his Aunt Faye’s mansion, certain that it is full of treasure. He convinces Sarah and Stephen to sneak into the house with him and sure enough the basement is full of antique wonders. They are particularly fascinated by a decorated niche, which upon inspection suddenly transports them back in time to 1965, New Orleans.


The three friends must now embark on an adventure much bigger than they had anticipated and find their way back to 2005. To make matters worse, they must avoid being notice and ensure they do nothing that could change the future.

Here By Mistake: The Secret of the Niche by David Ciferri is a highly entertaining time-travel novel, packed with action and adventure. Readers will be transported right along with the kids and see what life was like back in the 60s, all the while wondering if the trio will ever make it home!

Source: http://herebymistake.com