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Review - "November's Gladiators"

November's Gladiators: Inside Stories of White House Advancemen, the Road Warriors of Presidential Campaigns - Terry Baxter

When the political season rolls around, we the American people only see the front lines: the candidates making speeches, attending events, and trying to win the votes of thousands of citizens. Meanwhile, the operations behind such a campaign, where all the work and organization is spent, remains hidden from the public. Who are the people that work tirelessly behind the scenes, in the shadows of the candidate in the limelight? What does it really take to successfully organize events, speeches, and other public appearances?

In this detailed and delightfully transparent work, Terry Baxter throws back the curtain and allows readers to get a rare backstage look into a political campaign. It’s not just any campaign, but the wild ride that took Ronald Reagan to the White House. You’ll follow the ups and downs of the political roller-coaster, and enjoy the thrills of unexpected twists and turns along the way. Showing off a different - but nonetheless, important - side of the political campaign system, you’ll discover more about American politics and its people than ever before!

Source: http://www.novembersgladiators.com