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Riding the Passionate Edge

Riding the Passionate Edge: Converting Tension into Emotional Intimacy - Mary Cushman;Tom Cushman

When tension begins to mount in relationships, the first impulse is to distance yourself as far as possible and avoid confrontation. But what if this discomfort could be used to strengthen your relationships and bring you closer to your partner? Rather than turn away from uncomfortable situations, Mary & Tom Cushman demonstrate that tension in relationships should be embraced and explored. In “Riding the Passionate Edge”, the Cushmans bring their years of personal experience together to prove that facing difficulties in relationships is the most beneficial for long-term intimacy and fulfillment.

Relationships are never easy, but “Riding the Passionate Edge” will provide you with the necessary tools to deepen your connection with your partner no matter what tension seems to stand in your way. With love and openness, you can bridge the gaps that lay between you to find compromise, resolution and ultimately, lasting happiness within your relationship.