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Engaging the Dragon

Engaging the Dragon: A Man's Guide to Happiness in the Garden of Eden - Richard Harry Gatley

Do you ever feel trapped within your relationship and  feel that no matter what you try do to improve upon a strained situation, it always makes it worse? Relationships with a committed partner are the most important in our lives, but they can also be the cause of the most stress and conflict. So how do you avoid digging yourself in a hole and actually begin to repair your relationship?

In “Engaging the Dragon,” Richard Gatley provides this timely and effective manual to help explain the psychological differences between men and women, and how to successfully map communication with each other. Attacking the topic can seem like confronting a fire-breathing beast, but Gatley’s book is just the armor that you need to tackle the situation with confidence. With witty, thought-out wisdom, Gatley shows where the pitfalls of relationships are created and demonstrates how to avoid them. Relationships can never be expected to be ideal, but Gatley proves that with the right tools and attention to communicating effectively, couples can close the gaps between them and build a stronger relationship together.