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"Second Chances" Review

Second Chances - Rachel R. Vaughn

Kate Ross is an ambitious woman in a small Southern town. As a local attorney, she has her hopes set on becoming a judicial official, but a sudden sequence of unexpected events threatens her chances of progressing her career. When her son Trey is arrested and her own past secrets are on the verge of being exposed, a long-time friend re-enters her life and shows that Kate has been targeted by a disturbed man who is intent on personally destroying her. As Kate tries to keep herself safe and her secrets hidden, the past continues to encroach on the present just as danger continues to move closer to Kate.

In this thrilling novel of twisted suspense where everyone has a secret of their own to hide, each character hangs in the balance of trying not to reveal their own dark pasts to save themselves from destroying all relationships of the future. Can the truth set Kate free, or will it result in the destruction of her life forever?