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Unexpected Alliances

Unexpected Alliances: Book Two of the United League of Planets - M.R. LaScola

The adventures of the United League of Planets continues in this exciting second installment by M. R. LaScola! With a first encounter with an alien race to a new space station, the characters within the ULP must overcome their own obstacles in their unified goal of helping the greater good.


It’s never another ordinary day in the solar system. While on a mission, a ULP research vessel monitors a huge object racing towards earth only to discover that it is actually an armada of spaceships of an alien race, forced from their home by a dying star. Meanwhile, the new space station of Earth is about to be unveiled and its security charged to two humans who have just completed the rigorous Nokshi training. And it’s not just the humans with important tasks to command. On earth, one special species struggles to survive with the help of their human friends.

With new challenges around every corner, it’s up to the characters to band together and help one another. While some may end up assisting others in unlikely circumstances, our friends dive right in to unexpected alliances.